The Great Becoming (Redux 2014)


devilman rage

I’ve placed too much of myself
right here, along the cable
Too much remains erratic
or, more aptly, unstable

You moved me like a puppet
yet I gave you the strings
the ones you used to pull me
bound on your broken wings

Now I tear from your orbit
Limbs bleeding, bruised, affrayed
I stare out to the future
to history yet unmade

Should I now speak in whispers
or what the slaves call “tongues”
to keep the lice from feasting
on kardia’s congealed crumbs?

Do I excise all feeling
drain out my tender side
lest I be snared by sirens
and dragged beneath the tides?

I need now a renaissance
A death of what once was
Rechristen myself Devil
to slay a thousand Gods

Burn out all trace of wretched
to starve the fear inside
Cremate the Superego
Sublime tyrannicide!

And rise renewed, infernal
A stronger strain of being
to scar this world constricted
where slavery is the mean

You thought you knew what made me
much more than I myself?
You knew only the miser
denying hidden wealth

Sing requiems for the dreamer
who choked on your sweet words
He lives now, reincarnate
beyond the reach of herds