The Digger

The Digger is a tenured full professor of calling bullshit. Previous work includes newspaper correspondent, freelance journalist, weekly newspaper columnist and fiction writer and publisher. His background has prepared him to distinguish between facts, or reason, and delusions/hallucinations/political tripe/personal beliefs/bullshit. His mission in life is to point out the contrived stupidity foisted on a stultified populace through the contortion and misuse of the English language, bad science, statistics, and false dichotomies. He is not yet considered an enemy of the political establishment, but aspires to achieve that goal soon.

Another theory, according to the lexicographer Eric Partridge, is that the term was popularised by the Australian and New Zealand troops from about 1916 arriving at the front during World War I. They were astonished at the British commanding officers’ emphasis on bull. Bull was the term for attention to appearances – spit and polish, making everything just so, even when it was a hindrance to waging war. The Diggers ridiculed the British by calling it not bull but bullshit.” –Wikipedia





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