We Can Do Better

By Trista Rundatz     Edited By Justin Jones


We need to raise the bar where our expectations of women are concerned. If we want to be seen as equal, then we must strive to BE equal – not delude ourselves by lending credence to the inaccurate feedback given to us in the form of undue praise. 

Media tell us we are beautiful and complete by just being ourselves – no need to strive beyond!  It seems as though when constructive criticism is thrown in our direction through these, the masses cause an uproar and scream “Misogyny!”. Maybe we should take some of this criticism into consideration as opposed to whining about it?


“You-go-girl” style pats on the back from other women (for even the most trivial accomplishments) is another way to keep the bar well below what it should be. Encouraging other women is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be REALISTIC – Not wantonly doled out. Save the pats for real achievements, for real merit!


And last but certainly not least, there are the men: men who will kiss our asses if we are deemed sexually attractive, men who will place us on a pedestal, men who will try to fill our egos with nonsense in an effort to get laid or to find companionship. This collective coddling not only creates a narcissistic delusion in women (namely, that there isn’t much for us to improve upon), it also shows a real lack of faith in our abilities and potential.


Want to truly help women? Expect better of us and stop telling us we are special all the fucking time.